Future of tongue hygiene:

New vacuum cleaner of tongue TS1
Until now, cleaning of a tongue has not been routine part of prophylactic care of oral cavity, because a patient considered this approach as complicated and often quite unpleasant. Considering the high appearance of bacteria on a tongue (according to data published by Quirynen and colonial share of bacteria presented on a tongue is approximately 57,3 % of overall amount of bacteria in oral cavity), however the coating on a tongue presents one of main reasons causing dental odor (Halitosis). Thorough cleaning of oral cavity should always include deep tongue cleaning.

Solutions for dental ambulance
Vacuum tongue cleaner TS1 represents effective solution for professional deep tongue cleaning within a treatment in dental ambulance. Vacuum tongue cleaner is possible to simply connect to saliva sucker, that is a part of treatment unit of dental chair, and gently but effectively remove bacteria coating of a tongue.

Usage segment:

Vacuum tongue cleaner TS1 is ideal supplement for every professional prophylactic treatment of oral cavity. It is also intended for usage within complete oral cavity desinfection and for special treatment against halitosis. Treatment effective is possible to reinforce, if you first apply refreshing gel on a tongue, which will markedly rise refreshment feeling for patient.

Practical manipulation:

TS1 – quick, practical, hygienic

Gently cleaning by vacuum tongue cleaner TS1

It’s made of soft plastic materials, thanks to which cleaning of tongue is considerate. So the treatment doesn’t tease even small injuries on tongue papilla.

Professional tongue hygiene in 1 minute.

Perform the prophylactic treatment of oral cavity as usual. If you want to provide the patient really complex dental hygiene for coating removal of tongue, use the vacuum tongue cleaner TS1. Thanks to that you will dispose of the biggest bacteria reservoir. You will need only one minute in addition.

Excellent results:

for your patients and your dental ambulance
Results of tongue treatment by vacuum cleaner TS1 can be seen immediately. Like in the case freshly vacuumed plush carpet. After a tongue cleaning by lamellar side of vacuum tongue cleaner TS1 you can markedly seen which part of tongue has been treated.

After a tongue cleaning by vacuum cleaner TS1, which is performed as the last step of professional prophylactic treatment of oral cavity, patients report, they have a feeling of real refreshment and cleanness in mouth. Thanks to flat profile of vacuum tongue cleaner TS1 patients describe this method of treatment much more pleasant than traditional ways, which use a rotational brush and tongue peeler.


Benefits that TS1 brings to your patients:
– deep clean of a tongue by vacuuming out bacterial coating of the tongue,
– bacterial coating removal from oral cavity,
– outstanding refreshment feeling after the treatment,
– low whooping reflex in comparison conventional methods,
– non teasing not even tongue papillas wounds, as it happens within tongue peelers or rotating brush usage.

Benefits that TS1 represents to your dental ambulance:
– professional prophylactic treatment of oral cavity including tongue cleaning as exceptional argument for patients, to decide just for your dental ambulance,
– possibility of providing another service,
– low costs for material purchase,
– much less effort in comparison with conventional methods with rotation brush and tongue peeler usage,
– speed of treatment (approximately 1 minute),
– hygienic usage thanks to that TS1 is disposable device.

Vacuum tongue cleaner TS1

TS1 is high-quality device manufactured in Germany in accordance with the standard ISO 9001.

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