PET POINT is the place, where you always find what you are looking for
Projects target is to create and simplify availiabity of veterinary products in pharmacy. In PET POINT you can find everything you need for your pets by brand Arpalit. Products are separated by usage and issue.


An integral part of lifes of your pets became their personal care. Therefore was specially developed range for daily hygiene. If you are looking for a special product for a sensitive skin or to achieve greater shine and solid fur, in the product line Arpalit you will find exactly what you are looking for.


Today we pay much more attention to issues of our animals than 20 years ago. How has time changed, so has changed the way of coexistance of our pets with us. On that basic was created comprehensive line for disposal and prevention against parasites. From ticks, flies, lice to other species that decrease a life quality of our pets. Antiparasitic products are advised to apply troghout whole year, but specially during a time with increased tick appearance. In a nature, garden, or going for a walk animals can be infected by borreliosys or thick-borne encepjalities. Prevention here is very simple. Just use a special aid and choose what suits you best.

As we understand so far, the electronic repellent Arpalit DOG/CAT is the simpliest way avoiding problems. It’s lightweighted, non-toxic, doesn’t bother pets and works full seven months after a switch-on.


Minor injuries when are going for a walk with our pets, or they are larking, are a common phenomen. Whether abrasions or superficial wounds use to occur on feet. So it’s good to have a desinfectant and antiseptic spray, that has been developed especially on for that purpose, on-hand.

Every product in the line is justified. AkutolVet is ideal plastic bandage, which has broad usage and AvejodinVet, which has antiseptic and desinfecting effect.


At every age, prevention is a base of long-term quality of life of our four-legged pets. A preparation AveCare Dog was especially developed to posibily be taken by two months old puppies. This lets you indulge your dog a pleasure of running even at higher age.

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