Already 90 years passed since the brand Akutol showed up on Czechoslovak market. Unique composition, multifunctional and quick aplication guarantees the best treatment in First Aid.


Akutol™ spray 60 ml

Liquid plastic bandage

AKUTOL™ spray is used for quick treatment and cover of burns and small skin injuries.

  • Waterproof
  • Transparent
  • Drying up to 2 minutes

Akutol™ Stop spray 60 ml

Bleeding stopper

AKUTOL™ is appropriate for light bleeding. After aplication the wound will close itself up. Powder stratum absorbs fluids.

  • Stopping light bleeding
  • Forward regeneration
  • Absorbs fluids

Akutol™ Hydrogél 75 ml

Hydrocolloid gel without parabens.

Appropriate for healing burns, bedsores, leg urces, cuts and scars. Can hydrate and dehydrate at the same time.

  • Prevents from dirt entrance
  • Shorts up healing time
  • Paraben free

The products can be bought in:
In every good pharmacy, and also in pharmacy nets as: : Dr.MAX, BENU, SCHNEIDER, VAŠA LEKÁREŇ, LEKÁREŇ PARTNER, LEKÁREŇ PLUS, LEKÁREŇ SOS, MOJA LEKÁREŇ and on E-SHOPE.

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