(Area Sales Manager)

Is indisputable part of your future success for wich costs a lot of work and good management decision-marketing. Complex thinking, agreementation and communication skills directly influence business process and correct desicion of the company.

The main content of Area Sales Manager is:

  • Secure complex care of key-clients
  • Active work with representative team
  • Making and showing regular reports
  • Controling of observance of proces in company
  • Suggesting short-term and long-term strategy of the company
  • Leading the salesman team to secure their personal progress, couching and motivation
  • Attending on personal meetings, targeting to find-out imagination and requerements of the clients
  • Suggesting and approval of new options to gain profit.
  • Company representation on important business negotiations.
  • Controling of buget using and responsibility for it’s effective use.
  • Responsibility of intime fulfillment and to reach stated financial plan.
  • Communication with members of top company management and other departments.

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