Correct and serious partner to fulfil your goals on Slovak market:

Good service

  • Individual treatment. Proffesional service, years of experiences

Cost reduce

  • Entrance and operational costs. Reports guidance without any bonds.

Bussines strategy

  • A complex analytical strategy for your product portfolio selected before entering on the market.
  • Create business and marketing strategy for each product individually.
  • The balance and competitiveness, for the whole cycle of product‘s life, determination.
  • Applying advanced analytical technologies.
  • The use of sophisticated tools. Active feedback.

Work effectivenes

  • Clear overview.
  • Always actual information.
  • More time for internal development of your company.
  • Regular reporting and setting and setting objectives for the given time period.

Sales Support

Within the support we cover product sales process from it’s introduction to the market storage, trough distribution to sales support and subsequent development.

Cooperation in sales

Is realized by form: dealer, distributor, exclusive distributor for particular market. Management and development of your/our sales team. Visiting doctors, pharmacies, vets, and final customer.

Events and sale support

  • Mystery shoppin
  • Merchandising
  • Product scanner
  • Sales promotion

Backwards providing

  • Reporting databases.
  • Creation of presentation forms and commercial outputs.
  • A complex set of coverage of market on desired levels (NC, WC, CALL RATE).

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